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What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound known as cannabidiol, and is derived from the cannabis plant. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effect unlike his cousin molecule THC, and researches show it could help to remain healthy.

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Kanabiz automatically filters products depending on your location and will only display items that are legal for delivery in your country. You can browse and order in full confidence that you are respecting the law.

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marketplace for all cannabis related products, Kanabiz enables professionals to have a global presence while remaining legal! Put your products on Kanabiz and benefit from our automated platform, SEO…!

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Cannabis News

Brain CBD Memory

CBD increases blood flow in the brain memory area

A new study, led by researchers at University College London, offers some of the first strong evidence showing how CBD (Cannabidiol), increases cerebral blood flow to areas of the brain…
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CBD against Cocaine Addiction

Drugs and CBD: a solution to fight addiction?

Could CBD help combat drug addiction, and particularly cocaine? A meta-study (1) published on July 6 in the journal Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior seems to give interesting first results. This…
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Honey CBD (Cannabidiol) - Kanabiz

CBD Honey: 6 good reasons to use it

What do we like so much about CBD honey? The mix of this healthy food and CBD supplements seems to be a perfect combination. Combining CBD and this “golden syrup”…
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Argentina allows cannabis to be sold in pharmacies and cultivated at home

On Wednesday, Argentina’s health minister met with key stakeholders to finalise details of a bill that will allow the cultivation of cannabis at home and the production of oils and…
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Our website will automatically filter products depending on your location and will only display items that are legal for delivery in your country. You can browse and order in complete confidence that you are respecting the law.

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