Summer has finally come, and as the lockdown is being eased (well, we do realize it depends on where you read this from..), why not focus on the bright days ahead? Kanabiz has selected 5 CBD products that you could enjoy this summer. A range of products that could become your best ally for the upcoming months. There’s something for everyone!

1. CBD tanning mousse

Doesn’t ‘summer’ rhyme with… ‘sun’? While many of us dream of a tan worthy of the name, we have to accept we are not all equal when it comes to dealing with the sun. Kanabiz gives you a little help with this tanning mousse. A nourishing and moisturizing formula for your skin containing aloe vera, green tea extracts and 75mg of CBD in a 200ml bottle. Reasoned exposure to the sun is still highly recommended!

2. Nourishing body milk

The sun, heat and perspiration are not really your skin’s best friends. One should then take care of it, just as much as during the coldest months of the year. This body milk by CBD Drop will hydrate in depth and strengthen your skin against everyday life annoyances and rashes.

3. CBD energy shake

Summer also rhymes with the resumption of good habits. Isn’t it time to get back into sports? The 7NRG CBD pre-workout energy shake is here to help you enjoy your workout more, and for longer. Protein, CBD, a delicious taste of mango and pineapple… resulting in increased stamina. Mix, shake, it’s ready!

4. Sublingual oil for muscle recovery

Sublingual oils are among the most popular CBD products. Since we’re talking about sports, Signature CBD offers an oil specially designed for muscle recovery and joint support. An oil rich in ginger, turmeric, vitamin D and omega 3. A 10ml bottle containing 1000mg of CBD, easy to slip into your gym bag, pocket… or anywhere else, in fact.

5. Herbal “Refresh and Relax” Soft Drink

We can’t say it enough: STAY HYDRATED!

BumbleZest offers a natural and vegan soft drink, made of water and plants. Lemon, ginger, turmeric, and of course CBD: 10mg per 250ml can. In this case, you don’t even need to pretend you’re doing any sport. You can just enjoy it on its own.

Have you found a new companion for the summer? We hope so!

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