Cannadips has launched a range of Snus pouches infused with CBD.

From sweets to oils, tea bags and even face creams, CBD products continue to grow in various forms to keep consumers’ interest. All of these products have been developed using a user-centric approach to achieve an easily adaptable method of use that provides optimal CBD diffusion. The same concept served as the basis for the founders of Cannadips, a Californian brand founded in Humboldt. However, the main inspiration of the brand that would eventually lead to the unique creation of the brand was the “Snus” – a smoke-free product in a pouch designed to be put in the mouth, and that is widely used in Nordic countries.

So why CBD Snus pouches?

Cannabis cannabinoids are fat-soluble, which means that compounds must either be burned or incorporated into a product that can be swallowed, for the user to absorb CBD. Combustion usually has harmful effects and ingestion is a longer process as it goes through the digestive and liver systems, the founders of Cannadips analyzed that a form of pouch such as “snus” allows the consumption of CBD via the mucous membranes, and is then absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, avoiding any need for combustion or ingestion. It is crucial to note that while Cannadips CBD pouches may look like “snus” sachets, they use only all-natural ingredients and are 100% free of THC, tobacco and nicotine.

To make CBD-infused pouches happen, the Cannadips team worked closely with industry experts and chemists to make cannabinoids consumable in water, which also increased their bioavailability and effectiveness. The final product is presented in small pouches similar to classic “snus” and uses only natural ingredients and broad-spectrum CBD extracts derived from high quality hemp. Other ingredients include coconut fibres, essential oils and dry tinctures. To use the pouch, it is recommended to place it between the upper lip and the gums, under the tongue or at the back of the mouth, where the oral artery is naturally released.

Cannadips CBD Snus pouches come in three flavoursNatural Mint, Sour Citrus and American Spices, each with a lovely and refined taste. CBD compounds can all be released and enjoyed in less than 30 to 45 minutes, but the user can enjoy the aromas for up to two hours. Each pouch contains 10mg of CBD and each box contains 15 pouches. The recommended dose is 3 to 5 pouches per day and a regular consumption for at least 3 weeks.

Author Alex Sibannac

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