Chances are that by now, you’ve most likely heard of the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). This non-toxic cannabinoid is used for a variety of health and wellness reasons, including treating seizures, anxiety and chronic pain. There are many ways to integrate CBD into your daily life, depending on the desired dosage and your lifestyle. You can ingest it as edible products or oils / tinctures, smoke it or vaporize it in the form of flowers, concentrates, or vape it, which is probably the easiest way for people who are very concerned about being able to use CBD on the go.

There is a wide range of products, from traditional pens to cartridges, but there are also disposable pens that allow you to enjoy your CBD easily and without having to recharge your device.

Disposable CBD pens are individual units that contain a small battery, a heating mechanism and a cartridge or chamber filled with liquid concentrated in CBD. They are probably the simplest option for beginners when it comes to vaping. Disposable CBD pens are very convenient: they are pre-filled, fast and easily to fit in any pocket or bad. Once they’re empty, you can throw them away. (Which is convenient, but not really environmentally conscious)

Your pen or cartridge will ideally be filled with a CBD liquid that is a pure distillate, that is, a translucent oil, without any unwanted compound remaining from the plant and without any supporting oil. Support oils are additional oils used as a dilulifeant. Although they are not necessarily harmful to you, they can be mislabeled and mixed with other substances without you knowing it.

Our advice, when it comes to buying CBD disposable pens, is to treat yourself with reputable and recognized brands. Here is the selection made by Kanabiz experts:

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