Despite the great success of CBD, due to its many benefits, most people still ignore it could also improve their sex life. Cannabis sativa, from which CBD is derived, has long been used by Ayurvedic practitioners to improve ejaculatory function and sexual performance.

You might justifiably be dubious of anything labelled as an aphrodisiac. CBD isn’t an aphrodisiac by definition, think of it more as a buzzkill blocker, for lack of a better expression.

And the good news is there are very fun ways to introduce CBD into your sex life.

If you are still unfamiliar with CBD, we invite you to consult this page.

Little reminder: Endocannabinoid receptors, enabling the absorption of CBD in the body, are not limited to the brain. They are also found in the skin, the muscles, the testicles, the uterus and the vagina amongst others.

Give in…

Stress and anxiety are the main reasons behind poor sexual experiences. Whether you can’t disconnect with the issues you are encountering at work or you are feeling too nervous to communicate your desires and fantasies to your partner, the stress might lead to erectile dysfunction or a difficulty to reach climax.

Studies have shown that CBD can reduce stress and anxiety, including social anxiety disorder. Leaving the day behind, more relaxed, you are likely to connect better with your partner and enjoy longer-lasting sex.

Yes, tonight!

Relaxing might suffice to spark desire. If not, CBD is also a known vasodilator, meaning it dilates blood vessels, boosting fresh oxygenated blood flow. Taken orally or applied topically, CBD could relieve erectile dysfunction, boost blood flow to the penis, or labia and clitoris and lead to arousal and longer lasting experiences.


Women can experience great discomfort during sex, which often translates in an inability to enjoy the moment and reach climax.

  • Studies have shown that CBD can alleviate pain.
  • CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties, which could make sex more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable.
  • CBD promotes the body’s own natural lubrication, by bettering blood flow to tissues.

CBD can prove very useful when it comes to minor sex related injuries as well. Sore muscles? Try this cooling muscle balm. Light skin burn or rash? Then, this CBD rescue cream might come in handy.


To sum up, you are more relaxed, comfortable and aroused. Since CBD also improves nerve sensation, not only are you likely to reach orgasm but chances are they might be great ones too.

And you know that lovely post orgasm feeling? It is created by anandamide, a fatty acid neurotransmitter produced by your brain. Anandamide is also called the bliss molecule, from the Sanskrit, Ananda meaning bliss, joy, delight. Unfortunately, neurotransmitters are quickly broken down in the body by enzymes. No worries, CBD comes to the rescue again by suppressing said enzyme. As a result, you will stay longer in that delightful state of peaceful euphoria.

Integrate CBD in your date nights

One of the reasons of CBD success is that it comes in many forms. Introducing CBD into your life doesn’t have to feel like you are taking medicine, very far from it actually. CBD can be an integral part of romantic dates and foreplay.

I’ll leave you alone now…

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