We are pleased and proud to announce the close collaboration between Kanabiz and CBDologic, creator of the CBD brands Lanvia, Vapodiol and Vetlab.

As you may already know, we are always looking for new horizons to explore in the world of CBD.

As a leader in the CBD field, we must constantly keep up to date with current developments and trends, which is why we have decided to partner with CBDologic, a distributor of high-end brands specializing in CBD products.

You have been able to learn through our website about all the benefits of CBD, especially in terms of physical well-being, and that’s why we are determined to unite with leaders in this field.

Thanks to this partnership between Kanabiz.shop and CBDologic,we have added three brands wih CBD formulations that are unique on the market. Let’s put these brands and their innovations in the CBD market into perspective:

Lanvia: CBD Wellness and Cosmetics Laboratory

LANVIA is a 100% natural French CBD wellness and cosmetics laboratory. They are a pioneer of CBD formulas, combining the benefits of CBD with those of natural products to get unique product compositions that target and relieve everyday ailments. Each formula is tested and expertly crafted from natural ingredients without pesticides or additives to offer products with instantly visible benefits.

Specializing in the research of formulations to combat everyday ailments such as stress, insomnia or digestive problems, Lanvia has also developed a range of CBD cosmetics to ensure the daily well-being of our skin. These include products to add to our daily routine such as Peaudouce, an ultra-concentrated moisturizer with pure CBD isolate (500 mg); Intense care for skin repair and nutrition; or Fixa, a prodigious anti-inflammatory balm, with a unique formula with an outstanding 900 mg of CBD isolate!

Vapodiol: exceptional CBD e-liquids

On the CBD e-liquid side, we are adding Vapodiol to our offer, thanks to CBDologic. French CBD e-liquids brand that develops exceptional formulas designed to fight stress and addictions. Vapodiol offers a wide variety of products, with unique creations from high-quality organic hemp and natural terpenes to provide the most natural e-liquid possible with strong aromas and no allergens and CMRs (carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxics).
Becool e-liquids are made from pure CBD isolate (300 mg) with peach, fresh mint and Amnesia aromas. The Smokestop range offers 2 products to combat nicotine and THC addictions with a concentration of 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD. A French expertise to make our health and well-being a top priority. A small bonus: e-liquids are designed on a PV/VG basis of 80/20 and 70/30 delivering a dense and aromatic smoke particularly sought after by vapors.

becool vapodiol e-liquid CBD 300 mg - Amnesia - Kanabiz

Vetlab: CBD pet products

The latest in this comprehensive list, but not the least: Vetlab, a very special laboratory of CBD products… For pets!

With the motto “The Science of Cannabidiol at the service of our pet friends”, Vetlab offers 100% natural products whose raw materials are extracted from hemp and MCT vegetable oil. They come from a certified organic crop that is guaranteed without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other chemicals.

Vetlab starts from a logical observation: like humans, the vast majority of animals (including all mammals) have a endocannabinoid system, composed of CB1 and CB2 receptors, and have the same CBD assimilation abilities. The benefits of the molecule are similar in humans and animals. Calm and relaxation, healthier digestion, strengthening of the immune system and reducing anxiety and stress. Here too the specificity of the products lies in their formulation: no addition of terpenes or aroma so as not to interfere and on the contrary promote your pet’s appetite. Geniuses who have thought of everything for your little lovely ones!

This new collaboration between Kanabiz and CBDologic (Lanvia, Vapodiol and Vetlab) seems obvious and we are confident it will be fruitful for the CBD community! Welcome to CBDologic!

Author Alex Sibannac

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