You’re probably familiar with CBD being used to treat anxiety, stress and pain relief, but it’s less likely that you’ve heard of it being used to aid focus and improve concentration. Well, that’s exactly what some people are suggesting it can help with. Both for medical conditions, like ADHD and for activities that require deep concentration, like for instance, playing poker.


Surely something that relaxes you and helps you sleep can’t also help improve focus? How is this possible? It is hypothesized that these are both knock-on effects of the anti-anxiety properties of CBD.  As such, you may be likely to have both a better night’s sleep and be able to concentrate better, as a result of having alleviated anxiety and tension.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurological condition, which begins in childhood and can continue throughout life.  Its sufferers tend to have a short attention span, be excessively physically active and may behave impulsively or with disregard for the consequences of their actions. Experimentation with treating conditions such as ADHD with CBD products is becoming more common. It is believed that the anti-anxiety properties of CBD are a positive influence on people with the condition. People using CBD to treat ADHD have reported positive results, including improved sleeping patterns, fewer mood swings, healthier appetites, better relationships with family and friends and greater focus, which led to improved workplace or academic performance.

The Rest of Us

But it’s not only people with diagnosed medical conditions that may need help with concentration and focus. Many, if not all of us have times when our brains need to function at the highest level possible. Some people have jobs that require it more than others, such as stock market traders, who have to maintain a high level of alertness and focus throughout their working day.

While many new medicinal and therapeutic applications of CBD are being tested, it will take a lot of further research and clinical trials to conclusively prove or disprove their benefits. Nevertheless, there are already several products available that are specifically developed for the purpose of aiding focus, concentration and other cognitive functions.

CBD products can be used in a similar way to dietary supplements, to benefit overall wellbeing in otherwise healthy people, as well as treating specific medical conditions.  If you’re looking to stay sharp at the office each day, there could be benefits to using CBD. One such product developed for this purpose is Focus Oil, by Manchester firm Dr Ed. It’s one of a range of different cannabinoid based oils, containing CBD, CBG, CBN, CBD-V and unique terpene blends.

Raise Me Up

But what if your office is the poker table? Concentration and focus is vital for those who aim to be successful at the game of poker and one of the game’s best-known faces believes that CBD can help with just that. Scotty Nguyen famously won the 1998 World Series of Poker Main Event and walked away with the $1m first prize. He taunted his opponent into making the final call with the immortal words “you call, it’s gonna be all over, baby”, which became one of the most recognizable catch-phrases in the history of poker. Nguyen has now gone all-in on a new venture. OK, so he isn’t really all-in, it was just too good a poker phrase not to use it, but he did sign a one-year marketing deal to promote a CBD product that enhances focus.

Poker players have been long known for their affinity to the green stuff and several other well-known players have also dabbled in CBD related businesses, including 10-time World Series Champion Phil Ivey who is the holder of a CBD dispensary license in Nevada.

Poker and social media celebrity Dan Bilzerian also has CBD products for sale, under the Ignite name brand. The Ignite range includes three different products, one called Lucid, of which its labeling states is intended to help users ‘stay clear and balanced.’  These are available as tongue drops, disposable pens, rechargeable pens and a mango flavored lip balm, yum yum.

So are poker players using CBD to help improve their concentration? It’s early days and not everyone is yet aware of the benefits that CBD can bring, but there is already some evidence that they are. We’ve certainly heard rumours that some online grinders are using it to aid multi-tabling, but other players may simply be using CBD to instill the better discipline that tends to come with a healthier mind. One aspiring poker champion made this post last year on the well-known poker forum twoplustwo:

“I’ve gone through many short stints of playing poker in a way. Somehow manage to self sabotage or overthink things leading to a period of stopping. The cycle happened over and over… not taking control of my life and just getting randomness. Sometimes I’d end up broke or in a period of non activity in life leading to the roll dwindling down. Perhaps this is considered depression.

 All of that seems like nonsense right now. Like a different timeline. A short while ago I started taking cbd oil and feel as a functioning human being. Feel as if I operated on about 10%… now on 100-120%! Literally feel the wondrous joy of an eight year old child exploring the world! Every moment of the day I’m full of energy and ready to do exciting things!

Definite goal: Win a wsop bracelet in 2018 ”

Unfortunately he didn’t make another post on the subject, so we can assume he didn’t win a WSOP bracelet in 2018, but we believe that the CBD oil is still helping him function well.

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