1. General
These Terms and Conditions apply to your use of the website as a customer/ buyer. By purchasing or ordering any product from www.kanabiz.shop, you agree with the terms and conditions established on the website. Please take time to read attentively these terms and conditions along with our privacy policy which govern your participation and use of our website. Vendors terms and conditions are available here.
Terms” means these Terms and Conditions;
Customer“, “Buyer” mean any person of the legal age registered on the website as a customer in order to purchase products;
We“, “us“, “our” refer to www.kanabiz.shop, a platform specially created for selling and purchasing cannabis related products and accessories.
You“, “Your” refer to any person ordering or purchasing from www.kanabiz.shop.
Users” refers to unauthorised visitors, registered and authorised sellers and buyers.
Personal information” means any personal data and details we collect from You and You provide us with.
Goods” means any product placed on the website.
Website“, “Site” refer to www.kanabiz.shop.

2. Copyrights, trademarks and third party links
The website is owned and operated by C4B International Limited. C4B International Limited owns the copyright of all materials provided herein. This website contains links to websites which are not maintained by www.kanabiz.shop. Third party links are not under www.kanabiz.shop control and we are not responsible for the content, products or services you may find on those websites. Third party websites are provided for your convenience and information only.

3. Language
At the present moment all services and information placed on the platform is available in several languages, but with English as a basis. Taking into account the international users of our site, the universal English language version is provided for your convenience. If there are any changes in languages available on the platform, the information will be immediately posted on this Terms and Conditions page. In the case of ultimate decision, the English version of all pages will legally prevail.

4. Rights and obligations
4.1 As a customer you undertake:
4.1.1 that you are of the legal age for purchasing and using products according to the eligibility law of your country;
4.1.2 not to use the website for any illegal purpose and to agree to use it in accordance with these terms;
4.1.3 to provide only legal personal data including your first and last names, date of birth, billing and shipping address, bank card data, email address;
4.1.4 not to impersonate any other entity, to use false personal name or bank card;
4.1.5 not to place or transmit any discriminative, offensive and/or defamatory content that can violate or infringe the rights of any person, firm or company and cause inconvenience to a third party;
4.1.6 not to attempt any unauthorised access to any part or component of the website;
4.1.7 to inform us immediately if your account was hacked by submitting ‘Contact us’ form.
4.1.8 to notify us immediately of any changes to your personal information;
4.1.9 to use this website and the products placed on the website according and in all respect to the regulations established in the country you purchase from. Please note that if you’re resident of a country with specific regulations, even if we do our best effort to propose only legal products, then it is your responsibility to ensure that the products you order from www.kanabiz.shop comply with the local laws that apply in your country and to take responsibility for importing the goods into your country. Neither we nor the seller will be responsible for products which are stopped at customs or which do not meet the legislation which applies in your country.
4.2. As a customer you have right to:
4.2.1 buy any product placed on the website, if it is allowed for selling/shipping to your country;
4.2.2 contact the seller for additional product details regarding the product’s description, shipping process, etc., once the item is ordered;
4.2.3 open dispute if there is a problem occurring with the product you ordered or the delivery process. Please note that you should open a dispute only if you cannot resolve the problem directly with the seller.
4.3. We reserve the right to:
4.3.1 update, make changes to our site, policies, and these terms at any time. Any changes to this policy will be posted on this website with the date of the last update. It is your responsibility to check our website periodically for changes. If we make material changes to these terms and conditions, we will notify you by email or by posting a notice on www.kanabiz.shop prior to the effective date of the changes.
4.3.2 remove any content we believe discriminative, illegal or, but not limited to, offensive to any third party.
4.3.3 disable any account we strongly believe to be hacked, operated by a person under the legal age; placing any discriminative, offensive and/or defamatory content;

5. Personal data
5.1 You need a personal account in order to purchase products from the website and to use our services in full. By submitting the registration form you must provide legal personal data ; that includes: your first and last names, date of birth, gender, shipping and billing address, telephone number, email, bank card information.
5.2 You are not allowed to create or use an account for anyone other than yourself, provide an email address other than your own, impersonate yourself (adopt the identity of someone else) or create multiple accounts on our platform.
5.3 You are also responsible for all activities that occur in connection with your account.
5.4 You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorised use of your account.
5.5 We reserve the right, without prior notice, to restrict your access to or use of certain services, if we strongly believe that your account is being hacked, offensive to third parties or containing inappropriate information.
5.6 Your personal information may be held and used by us in the purposes that include, without limitation:
– processing your orders or applications;
– administering your account and billing;
– disclosing your personal information to bank and debit card companies to validate your card and to proceed the transaction;
– dealing with requests, enquiries or complaints and other customer care related activities;
– sending you email newsletters;
5.7 Your submission of personal information through www.kanabiz.shop is governed by our privacy policy. Please visit our Privacy Policy page to fully comprehend how we gather, use and protect your personal data. Please note that credit card information is always encrypted during transfers over networks.

6. Products
6.1 www.kanabiz.shop is a website selling cannabis based products only. The use and purchase of any product from the website is only available for individuals of legal age.
6.2 The vast majority of our products don’t contain any THC. Please note that CBD is not a medicine as such. We cannot make any claim regarding CBD being a medicine or a drug. More research is currently needed to establish firmly that CBD can treat certain conditions. Kanabiz do not make any claim, express or implied, about the use of CBD for medical purposes. If you have some issues with your health, please consult a doctor before purchasing any cannabis based product from any online or retail stores.
6.3 Do not use CBD products while pregnant or during lactation period. Please consult your doctor before use in case you have a medical condition or take any pharmaceutical drugs. Keep away from children reach. This product is not made to treat, diagnose or prevent any medical conditions.
6.4 All cannabis products are placed and sold by the sellers registered on the platform. If you have any questions or concerns regarding product details, purchase, delivery etc., please contact the seller. The seller is the one responsible for the products and their compliance.
6.5 The vaping devices, e-liquids, batteries and other vape goods must be used in accordance with the instructions provided.
6.6 Do not drink or swallow any vape product and keep them away from children and pets. Avoid skin and direct eye contact with e-liquids: it may be harmful to your health.
6.7 Although the sellers who sell on the website take all necessary measures to make their products’ packaging child-proof and include all appropriate warnings and instructions, neither we, nor sellers can be held responsibility for any personal injury arising from failure to use any product as intended or in accordance with the instructions provided with that product.
6.8 If the product you purchased is damaged, misdescribed or of poor quality, or if you haven’t received the order, please contact the seller and discuss the issue with them.
6.9 Products pictures may in some cases differ from the product you will receive. This could be due to a product update or other such change made by manufacturer. www.kanabiz.shop is not responsible for any differences in product description and its real appearance.
6.10 Unless specified on the product or vendor policy, you have legal right to get your money back, if you are not satisfied with the product you ordered. Please note: in case you decide to return the product you ordered, you must take care of it when it is in your possession and return it to the seller in its original appearance.
6.11 If, for any reason, you can not get in touch with the seller of your product, or you both can not come to an agreement regarding a specific problem, you can get our help by opening a dispute (contact us).

7. Orders
Please note that by ordering from the website, you agree to our terms and conditions.
7.1 All goods and services on www.kanabiz.shop are available for individuals who are of the legal age and who we consider eligible. The eligibility criteria refers to, without limitation, the residents in the EU and other countries and states, even though there could be no age regulations in the country you buy from.
7.2 You warrant that the user information, which you are required to provide when offering goods on the website, is true, accurate, current and complete in all respects.
7.3 You guarantee not to impersonate any other person or entity for the purpose of ordering from the website. Any order made by you will be treated as an offer to purchase from the website. As long as a product is successfully ordered, the payment for the product and, if necessary, the payment for shipping are withdrawn from your bank card and the purchase is successfully made.
7.4 If you have selected and paid for such service, you will receive a tracking number. The seller has to provide you with a tracking number in the shortest time possible. If for any reason you haven’t received a tracking number within 3 days, please contact the seller to find out the problem. The seller is the one responsible for shipping & tracking processes.
7.5 If you cannot order a product, please contact us. It may occur because of, but not limited to, the following reasons:
7.5.1 the product you attempt to order is out of stock; you will have the option either to wait until the item is available from stock, to choose the common product or to cancel your order.
7.5.2 we do not distribute products to your country/ region;
7.5.3 you provided incorrect personal information or invalid debit card data;
7.5.4 there are insufficient funds in your bank card;
If the seller is unable to accept your order, you will be not charged for the product(s).
7.6 When you order from our website, you must provide your name, phone number, address, payment details and other requested information.
7.7 We will take all reasonable care, in so far as it is in our power to do so, to keep the details of your order and payment secure, as long as your account is operated by you. We are not liable for any loss caused by an unauthorised access to your personal account and ordering from the website.
7.8 Delays on estimated time frames for delivery of products may arise due to matters outside of our and seller’s reasonable control. If any delivery delay occurs, please contact the seller first.
7.9 We do our best to ensure that products you order are legal according to your shipping address. Eventually, you are responsible that goods ordered by you from www.kanabiz.shop are legal in your country or region. Neither www.kanabiz.shop, nor sellers are responsible for any goods distributed to a country with specific regulations or to the countries that restrict the use of cannabis products.
7.10 Once your order has been received by you, all risk of damage to, or loss of shall pass to you.
7.11 Cancel order
If for any reason you decide to cancel or change your order, please contact us directly. We will give you further instructions and, if it is possible will cancel the order. Please note that you can cancel the order only for a very short period of time, only if the order has not been sent yet.
7.13 The purchase is completed when you receive the order confirmation by email.

8. Price and payment
8.1 The prices and discount for the products placed on the website along with delivery costs are established by www.kanabiz.shop. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice to you.
8.2 At the present moment www.kanabiz.shop supports various payment methods. Any changes in payment methods will be placed in these terms.
8.3 Payment procedure is subject to validation checks and authorisation and we will not be liable for any delay caused by failure of such checks or authorisation.
8.4 You confirm that the credit card that is being used is yours.

9. Content
9.1 Content means all the information placed on the website, including but not limited to texts, images, products and prices, location data and all other forms of data or communication provided by you, sellers or us.
9.2 You guarantee that:
9.2.1 You or otherwise own control of the content, posted in your personal customer account;
9.2.2 the content is accurate, and the use of the content you supply will not cause harm to any person or entity and does not violate our terms and conditions;
9.2.3 as a browser or registered user of www.kanabiz.shop you agree that you will not copy, download, distribute, re-publish or sell any services or any content mentioned above or use it for commercial purpose;
9.3 We can, but are not obliged to, monitor, edit or remove the information or pictures placed by you which we strongly believe to be illegal in some countries (e.g. German Army Swastika), offensive, unlawful, threatening, violating any third party rights;

10. Limitation of liability
10.1 Our website and services are open 24 hours, 7 days a week for all users. However, there is a likelihood that we may sometimes accomplish some technical works on our website, in order to improve our services. If some works over the platform are planned, we may, but are not obliged to, inform you in advance in order to avoid any misunderstandings and inconvenience.
10.2 We cannot warrant that the website will meet Your requirements or will be timely uninterrupted, secure or error-free. We will not be responsible or liable to you for any loss of content or material uploaded or transmitted through the website. We cannot warrant that the functions contained in the site will be uninterrupted or error-free, that any defects will be corrected.
10.3 The information about the products placed on the website is provided by the suppliers of such products. You acknowledge that we do not verify the accuracy of such information and the fact that the information and products are placed on the website doesn’t mean that the products provided on the website are suitable for you. It is your responsibility to check this out.
10.4 www.kanabiz.shop is not directly responsible for any loss, damage, delay or false delivery of the ordered products. Sellers are the ones liable for any problems that may occur with product quality or delivery.
10.5 Nothing in these terms shall limit your rights as a buyer or/and consumer;
10.6 You agree to be fully responsible for all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees on a full indemnity cost basis, suffered by us and arising out of any breach of the terms by you or by any other person accessing the website using your internet account and/or your personal information.
10.7 The website may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. We reserve the right to make changes periodically and at any time to the website.
10.8 The website is not held responsible for compliance of the products.

11. Cookies
www.kanabiz.shop uses cookies in order to help us remember and process the products in your personal shopping cart, your location, understand and save your preferences for future visits and keep track of advertisements and website usage.

12. Restrictions
We will ban your access to our platform, if you aim to:
– Violate our website and policies, for example, by writing a fake or defamatory review.
– Violate any third party’s rights, including copyright, discrimination, trade secret, moral right, privacy right, or any other property or proprietary right;
– Promote a business or other commercial venture or event, not connected with cannabis products.
– Send insulting emails, spams, surveys, or other mass messaging, whether commercial in nature or not;
– Solicit personal information from minors, or submit or transmit pornography;
– Use the website being under the legal age
– Use a bank card that does not belong to you.

13. Changes to Terms and Conditions
www.kanabiz.shop reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to update, make changes to our site, policies, and these terms at any time. Any changes to this policy will be posted on this website with the date of the last update. It is your responsibility to check our website periodically for changes.
If we make material changes to these terms and conditions, we will notify you by email or by posting a notice on www.kanabiz.shop prior to the effective date of the changes.

14. Agreement
These terms contain the entire agreement between you and us, relating, but not limited to the use of the website, orders and payment, content placement. You confirm that you have read these terms and conditions and that you fully understand them and agree with them. In case of any legal or commercial disagreement, the governing legal body will be the laws of Malta.

15. Contact us
If you have any questions and concerns about our terms, please fill out our contact form and our support team will contact you. Alternatively you can write us at this address: C4B International – 206 Wisely House – Old Bakery Street – Valletta VLT1451 – Malta.

Last update: November 2019