Kanabiz is a marketplace for all cannabis related products, and enables professionals to have a wider and global presence while remaining legal! Put your products on Kanabiz and benefit from our automated platform, SEO, marketing, promotions, and payment solutions!

Your Shop Page

You manage your own shop page on our site, with customised designs, where you can display your products, logo, contacts, and many more features.

More Langages

We will translate all your products on your behalf, widening the worldwide audience! After uploading your products, our team will translate all of them in our proposed languages.

More Customers

Reach out to many more potential customers! Sell your products on Kanabiz and let us promote your products to the widest audience!

Customer Rewards

We will reward all customers with a loyalty point system. Kanabiz funds and allows all customers to earn points when they register, place an order, share products, write reviews…

Online Visibility

Benefit from our SEO and our social media platforms. We will promote your products throughout our social media pages. That will bring additional visibility for your brand and products.

Remain Legal

During the products approval process, Kanabiz will add all relevant legal tags to your products in order to remain compliant in as many jurisdictions as possible.

Free to Become Vendor

Kanabiz doesn’t charge any fees to become a vendor. Kanabiz processes the payment of all orders, and will retain a commission on each sale.

Kanabiz only charges commissions

Kanabiz will retain a commission on processed sales based on Vendor status.
Silver Vendor: Monthly sales up to €1,000 : 25%
Gold Vendor: Monthly sales between €1,001 and €5,000 OR €49 / month : 20%
Platinum Vendor: Monthly sales more than €5,000 OR €299 / month : 15%

Approval Process:

Vendor creates an account on Kanabiz on this page: BECOME VENDOR.
Kanabiz approves vendor account if vendor provided all requested data when registering.
Vendor defines their shipping zones / rates and product prices inc. VAT.
With the help of Kanabiz, Vendor uploads products and shipping fee data.
Kanabiz reviews, adds relevant tags and approves products.

Sale Process:

Kanabiz will process payment of both products and shipping.
Kanabiz will send automatically an email to Vendor(s) with order details, and PDF invoice to add to the parcel.
Kanabiz will pay weekly to Vendor the balance of processed sales (including shipping fees incurred to vendor*) minus commission, upon reception of vendor’s invoice.

* Vendor can request more frequent payments if weekly sales are above €1000.

Shipping and Pricing Policy:

Vendor defines their shipping zones and rates, their display prices for all products and inputs them in collaboration with Kanabiz in vendor back-office. Vendor should use their best endeavours to make sure that the prices set on Kanabiz vendor back-office are the cheapest offer available online. Kanabiz reserves the right to include vendor’s products in bundle offers.

Commission Policy:

Commission taken by Kanabiz is calculated on the sum of retail price (without discount and inc. VAT) + shipping fees.

Example for a Silver Vendor: Customer buys a product with a retail price of €39. The shipping fee for the order is €5, making the total order amount €44.
For the sale, Kanabiz commission is €44 x 25% = €6.60. Vendor will receive: €44 – €6.60 = €37.40

Example of product discounted by Kanabiz: Vendor adds a product with a retail price of €39. Kanabiz decides to sell it at €35 instead. The shipping fee for the order is €5.
After the sale, Vendor will still receive €37.40. Commission calculation is based on price without discount.

Monthly Vendor Status:

A Vendor Status (Silver, Gold, Platinum) is achieved at the end of a month and applied to sales for the following month. It means the Vendor Status can change every month. If in July you are a Silver Vendor and we make €2000 of sales on your products, you will become Gold Vendor for the month of August – month during which all your sales will have a 20% margin on retail price. If your sales are €800 in August, margin of 25% will apply again on sales made in May.

See the Terms and Conditions for Vendors