• Biomedicanna

    • Biomedicanna supplies Premium quality CBD products with a price point that will make you smile 🙂
  • Budslife

    Logo Budslife
    • At Budslife, only the highest standard of products make it onto our shelves and into our customers’ homes. When you pick and click, you purchase confidence in products that meet the most stringent of tests. We push for change and provide high-quality CBD products of which we can be proud. Never anything less.
  • ByFlowerFarm

    • Flower farm is an Italian company that produces and markets products based on hemp with a high content of CBD.
  • Cannuvo

    • Cannuvo™ CBD Oil tinctures are derived from some of the purest European hemp extracts available. Through optimal extraction methods (supercritical CO2 extraction and later decarboxylation), we deliver a superior quality Full Spectrum product with guaranteed CBD content. Our products are manufactured under strict conditions to make sure we only offer you the best, fully legal and certified option.
  • CBDeau

    • We are wholesale distributors of French CBD and work to the maximum with French and European producers in all legality and under the careful control of the competent authorities.
  • CBDOlogic

    • Expert in CBD cosmetics, from oils to CBD creams. From our passion for natural therapeutic plants and our professional experience was born CBDologic, leader in CBD cosmetics, natural, organic and therapeutic.
  • Chloris

    • Chloris is an Italian brand which produces high end flowers. The production follows exclusively biological processes in order to provide the best product, without arming the environment.
  • Deli Hemp

    • Deli Hemp offers products from the hemp plant with relaxing and soothing properties without any harmful effects on health. All our products come from controlled organic agriculture and meet ethical criteria.
  • Dr. Ed

    • Northwood House, Greenwood Business Park, Salford, M5 4QH, UK
    • [email protected]
    • (+44) 0161 872 8050
    • Dr. Ed is the brain child of our resident Neuroscientist and was founded on two core ideas. The first is that top-quality CBD products should be available to everyone. The second, is that our products are always formulated based on the results of the latest peer-reviewed cannabinoid research. Over the last year we have focussed on producing world-class CBD products of unparalleled purity; ensuring consistency between batches and traceable ingredients. As one of the leading CBD expert groups in the UK, we set a high bar when it comes to consistent and high-purity product creation. Our precise mixing methods ensures the CBD and ingredient concentration you see on our product labels is what you receive. We provide full lab reports for every batch we create so you can make the most informed decision about your purchases.Having featured on the BBC, Manchester Evening News and in The Guardian, The Metro and The Evening Standard, Dr. Ed are the fastest growing brand in the UK, championing consumer education and safety in a rapidly growing market. 
  • Else

    • ELSE is a French brand based in Paris and in Canada developed by GroupC, focused on the design, manufacture and supply of CBD (cannabidiol) based organic products in the following universes: cosmetics / beauty, gourmet, food supplements, wellness, sport, lifestyle
  • European Hemp Co.

    European Hemp Company
    • The highest quality Hemp Extracts and CBD Oils, using the revolutionary carbon 60 technology. Our experts produce the finest organic products through advanced distillation and C02 extraction to offer a range of unparalleled Hemp extracts. We like to push boundaries, we love to research new ways of extracting and utilising one of Natures Finest herbs. We strive to always develop and grow, we hope that you do too.
  • JMK

    • Find here the largest catalogue of CBD products in Europe! JMK offers the full range of products, from accessories, grinders, papers, oils, flowers, edibles and much more. Let's discover the choice of CBD products, you will for sure find something you'd love!
  • Kanabiz

    • The widest choice of CBD cannabis flowers and hash, find here all the indica, sativa, hybrid varieties. Best quality, organic and natural hemp, delivery in France and Europe. All our weeds and hashes are legal and contain less than 0.2% THC.
  • Kine CBD

    • At Kine, we are committed to the best. Our sublingual products are infused with CBD extracted from industrial hemp grown and processed in the USA, contain NO THC, and are vegan and gluten free.  We use NO sugar, NO artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners and test our products regularly for quality, consistency, and purity.  Don’t settle for less!
  • Mama Kana

    • All our products have been tested in a French laboratory in order to guarantee a THC level of less than 0.2%, in accordance with current French and European regulations.
  • Namaste

    • NamasteVapes™ is one of the worlds largest international specialists in vaporizers. We carry a wide selection of portable, desktop, dry herb or concentrate vaporizes: you name it, we have it. We make sure to cater for the many needs and wants of herb enthusiasts.
  • Satyva

    • SATYVA launches a whole range of innovative products in order to take advantage of the positive effects of CBD by varying the pleasures and to offer natural medicinal solutions.
  • Shardanapa

    • Shardanapa is an Italian hemp company located in Sardinia born to promote the word of cannabis. Everything we do is in the total respect of nature and all our products are made 100% from our cultivation.
  • Signature CBD

    • Our Signature is our promise to develop the most innovative CBD formulas. Our formulas are more than just CBD. They contain carefully chosen active ingredients, making them the most enriched in the world. We always deliver the highest-quality CBD. Our products are organic, vegan, THC-free and harvested with a low carbon footprint.
  • Thrive Flower

    • Philadelphia, PA United States
    • [email protected]
    • At Thrive Flower, we believe in only providing the highest of quality products to our beloved customers. We strongly believe in the beneficial use of CBD as a natural, healthy, and better wellness solution. That’s why all our products are 3rd party tested by the best labs the United States has to offer. We produce our top of the line Thrive Flower CBD products with complete honesty and love so our customers know exactly what is inside their CBD products. If you would like to learn more about the amazing benefits of having CBD in your life, please browse the blog section of our website.

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